Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsessions Meme

Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsessions Meme

Book: The Twilight Sage (Oh screw you Bud! Don't roll your eyes like that. I liked it!!!! Grrrr)

Snack: I am not a big snacker so I don't have a go to snack. However, I do love meat sticks (the edible kind)

Restaurant: Since I never go out to eat this is really hard. Any restaurant would be fine with me.

Beverage: I LOVE water and Seltzer. Boring but I have good skin thanks to the hydration!

Decor: A favorite? Well, I am so not this person.  I used to like Early Colonial and Rustic. Now I like so many different types. I would love to have a home that has a different theme for each room. Seaside Retreat, Mountain or woodland retreat, Traditional, Western, and more. Variety is afterall the spice of life.

Actor: I love so many actors. I love Gerard Butler, Robert Downey, Jr., William Macy, Tom Hanks, and more.

Actress: Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet, Hillary Swank

Movie: Twilight! Phantom of the Opera, 300, Armaggedon, 2012, The Notebook, Saving Private Ryan, History of The World, Silent Movie, Young Frankenstein, there are too many to count

TV show: Friends, Married With Children, Ghost Whisperer, Ghost Hunters, The Middle, Will and Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond and more.

Hobby: Photography, Jewelry Making, Painting, Scrapbooking, Soap Making and more.

Band: Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Song: Black, Use Somebody, Jungleland, Rhiannon or anything by Stevie Nicks really...I love her...

"Beneath the city two hearts beat
Soul engines running through a night so tender in a bedroom locked
In whispers of soft refusal and then surrender in the tunnels uptown
The Rat's own dream guns him down as shots echo down them hallways in the night
No one watches when the ambulance pulls away
Or as the girl shuts out the bedroom light"

Meme: My Self Portrait Sunday. It forces people to take a picture of themselves.

Blog: Mine. Duh

Lover: Robert Pattinson. He may not know it but I have him every night...well, when I am not having Gerard Butler, Josh Holloway or Alexander Johan Hjalmar SkarsgÄrd but only as Vampire Eric grrr...and yummy. He is a 6'4" tall glass of water!!!

Friend: I couldn't possibly answer this. I have a lot of friends and they are all a "best".

Quote: "Promise me you will always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think!" and "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Peeve: Waiting on people. I hate waiting

Sport: If someone was to twist my arm, Hockey. I wish I could sit and watch sports the way some people do. I have spent half my life trying to really get into it. It just never happened.

Singer: Oh geez...this is so hard. I love Melissa Etheridge, Stevie Nicks, Bruce, Dave Grohl, Dave Matthews, Josh Groban, Eddie Vedder!


  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    You are too funny!!! I like the way Eric looks in True Blood better!!! Stay craaaazy

  2. Eric from True Blood is something!!!!

  3. I got stuck on Gerard Butler....


    Thanks Maria!


  4. This was a fun one to do, it really made you think, didn't it!
    I skipped some of the questions, because I really didn't have any obsessions.
    Thank you SO much for the photo of Gerard Butler... mmmmm!
    But you have WAY too many vampire references for my taste. :-)

  5. My husband wants to know why I'm looking at a blog post of half naked men...what a stupid question....


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