Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Forecast for 2010

As we start 2010 I want to get back to writing more. When I started the blog in 2005 it was a way for me to journal with photos and eventually create a book for each of my kids documenting their early years and who I am.

I was 12 when my mom passed away and I never knew her. What was she like? What did she dream about? What kind of girlfriend was she to her friends? What were are hopes for the future? What did she like, hate, worry about? So many questions and hardly enough time. She was only 34 years old when she died! A baby!

So, I am baring it all! You will get the real me. It isn't like you got someone else before, you just got the scaled down, PC version of Me!

Lets begin shall we?

Today I spent the morning hanging with my girlfriend at her house. I adore her! She is like family and I feel more comfortable with her than I do at my own families house. She made me breakfast, we had coffee then headed downstairs to the most comfortable family room with the biggest TV to watch Season 1, episode 8 and 9 of  True Blood. Damn that show rocks.

Mid way through she ran upstairs to bring us a double shot each of some awesome Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog If you like egg nog, I recommend you get yourself a bottle. Delish!!!! No after taste and perfectly spiked.

Then I headed out to pick up my daughter, Goddess and then to A&P where I spent over $80.00 on absolutely nothing. Seriously, how are people supposed to live? My husband is self employed and the beginning of the year is always tough but we have to eat to live. We got the bare minimum, basics only, no meat, 23 items mostly canned and it still was $80.00! Damn that pisses me off.  But what are you gonna do?

Another thing, who are these people who keep unsubscribing to my blog due to too many updates? I get about 1 a month and they always put too many updates. After pretty much being gone most of December I am shocked. Oh well, tada. Sorry to see you go. It is funny because when I used to use Bloglines before I started subscribing to every blogger on the planet I used to cancel if there weren't enough updates. If someone didn't write something new in 2 weeks I moved on. After all I was reading over 200 blogs and I could afford to lose a few.

Oh and while I am at it, what the hell is up with people who comment on my You Tube videos? I will never understand it. People were very interested in my Zhu Zhu Pet reviews and not in a good way. They will not be blocked and I will never answer them because that is exactly what they want but I don't know how people like this function.  Most of them were concerned that one little girl was wearing make-up. She isn't, she is just beautiful. Others had an uninteresting discussion about the moms who were playing with the Zhu Zhu pets.  Another wanted me to know that they are not Zhu Zhu Pets but Go Go pets, I guess she purchased them before they CHANGED their name. Why the hell would I review a product for a company and not know the correct name?

The best comments come from a really fucked up chick named Lauren who commented numerous times one line; " Fuck Up Your Toddlers." Isn't she just a peach? Interesting that she only says this one line and says it on every single kid video upload posted by just about anyone. Why she has the time and energy to do this is beyond me but more power to her. Her words don't bother me and she means nothing so I let her be and have also left her comments up. Words are just that unless we choose to let them offend us. A lot of people have gone to her page on You Tube and yelled at her for her comments but I refuse to give her want she wants. She obviously has some major issues but they aren't mine so type away bitch!

Next, what does one do about poison friends? We have all had them at one time or another. However at 43 years old, it is hard to want to hang onto them. People who are negative, illogical or mean spirited can take you down with them if you let them. Would you even try to talk to someone who always chooses anger, conflict and turmoil or would you simply let them go?

Well, time to email Handsome's teacher and talk about his progress report. Maybe together we can find something that helps him stay focused in class. God help me.

To all my loyal readers, thank you for your continued support and comments. You have no idea how much you each mean to me. I think of you each as a friend and get very happy when I see you grace my page with your wit, love and insight.

Peace Out!


  1. Really sorry about your Mom Maria. I couldn't fathom being that young and losing a parent.

    Best wishes, xxx

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    I love this post. It lets me see for who "YOU" are. I love your opinions and insights on your feelings. Thank you for being you.

  3. I look forward to your "frequent" updates, Maria. Most blogs I read I just kinda glance over and delete but your posts are different--I read them and feel like you actually CARE that someone is reading them. Don't worry about those that feel differently and can't appreciate your posts!
    I lost my dad in August. I'm sorry about your mom and hope you can find some closure and peace about her.
    One last thing--poisonous friends? GET RID OF THEM!!! If they are not family you are not bound to them--hell, sometimes, even if they are family you should cut ties with them! Life is hard enough without having a black cloud following you around pissing on all your silver linings.
    Okay. I'm done. I feel better :)

  4. Fredamans, It was a long time ago and I really appreciate your thoughts. It was very hard and sometimes it still is.

    Clary, Well, thanks for being you too!

    Miss Nanny, Thanks for the comment.

    Renee, Glad you felt comfortable enough to let it all hang out there in your comment. I really appreciate your comment a lot. I read a lot of blogs and know what you mean. There are some I gloss over but there are others that I really READ and enjoy. So glad to be one of yours.

    As for the poison friends, I totally agree and have let poisonous family go.

  5. Ree like I said this is what I missed the most. I loved your old fashion way that you started out. I know the you and I know that everyone else would love knowing who she is. Like you said you were always you but this brings out what I see and love about YOUUUUUUUUUU. I love you and a Thousand times you are special. I remember when you said awwww I think my post are to long and no one wants to really read my hold life. Mamasita you were wrong they will love. So as Teresa and Tiffany Amber Thesis would say get to work Grandma aka Ree.

  6. I love when you post lots... I really missed you when you were sick!! I started having withdrawal symptoms... :-P
    I cannot believe those people on YouTube... what idiots! Your videos were adorable, and they can just go to heck!!
    As for the poisonous people, you know how I feel about them, get them the hell out of your life. I had to do that, and most of mine were my family... but then I found some absolutely fantabulistic people - YOU being one of them!!!
    Have a wonderful week, and I am SO looking forward to more of your writing in 2010... and especially your artistic photographs.


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