Saturday, January 30, 2010

Small Talk Six - Worst Movies

This weeks MomDot question is: 6 of the worst films you’ve ever watched

Can I list 6?

Jennifer's Body - Really sucked! The folks behind this movie were just trying to capitalize on a pretty girl but the movie had no thought behind it and Megan Fox is pretty dull.

Observe and Report - As a fan of Seth Rogan I was hopeful that this would be good. I couldn't make it past 40 minutes. I really tried.

The Fountain - I got it because Hugh Jackman was in it but I have no idea what the hell this movie was about.

The House Bunny - Oh my God! Really???

I cannot come up with another movie that made me say that was aweful.


  1. I bought The Fountain the same day I got Pi and I wish I could have un-watched both. They were so incredibly boring. Even thought they were both used and under $5 I still feel like I wasted my money!

  2. I am thankful that I have not seen any of these movies :)

  3. I have only seen House Bunny and I wish I had my 90mins back!

  4. I can honestly say I've never watched any of these. Now I know to avoid them. :)

  5. I liked House Bunny.... omg her foo foo... I'm a flake I guess.

    I HATED Sherlock Holmes. Sorry. Love Downey JR hate the flick.

  6. Ha! I'm thankful I've not seen them also!
    Here's another disappointing one: Paranormal Activity. I love scary movies and was ready to be scared to death...instead I was bored to death and couldn't wait for it to end. My niece said it scared her; it only scared me that I paid good money to see it in theaters!

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