Saturday, January 30, 2010

Self Portrait Sunday - January 31, 2010

If you are new to the meme, welcome. To find out why I began Self Portrait Sunday, see my first post here.

The rules are simple. Just post a picture of yourself linking back here. Hope to see your beautiful faces.
I took this picture tonight at Chili's. The baby girl is sick and had just woken up. Can you tell? About 3:30 today my husband asked if I wanted to go out to eat. Hello, are you kidding, you don't have to ask me twice. I love going out to eat, especially with my family. It is a wonderful experience to be out without the comforts of home and depend on each other. We are a family and it shows most when we are in the elements and function as one unit. It is also great to see how well behaved my kids are. It probably has something to do with the fact that we interact with them. My parents didn't take us out to eat often so when they did, they would pretty much ignore us as they talked, laughed and interacted with each other. We were pretty much on our own for entertainment which means we pretty much got yelled at most of the time. Hello parents, if you take your children out to eat, then you must go as a family! If you want an intimate, adult conversation, leave the kids at home.


  1. Your daughter looks just like you! Photo is a little fuzzy, but still great!

  2. I love parents that teach their kids how to behave at restaurants. I can proudly say mine does, almost always, because we treat her like part of the experience, not just the third wheel. I feel so sorry for the waiter or waitress that gets stuck with the table full of rowdy kids that get more food on the floor and table than in their mouths.

  3. We never got to go out to restaurants as kids much either.
    We always made sure the boys were so well behaved when they were out at a restaurant and we've had people tell us that.
    This is a beautiful photo of you both. I hope Goddess feels better soon!


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