Monday, September 14, 2009

My Booky Wook by Russell Brand

Last night I finished Russell Brand's book called My Booky Wook (love that title). I have tons of books to review every  month but while at the library two weeks ago, I spotted this and fell in love with Russell's Brand of humor while watching him in Saving Sarah Marshall a few months back. He is sexy in a "perfumed, gayish, feminine" sort to way.

Russell, is a talented writer. Even if you are not a fan of his work, there is no denying that this British lad has a gift for the written word. "Syringes strewn like confetti at a junkie wedding" is just one of the many lines that cracked me up. He is unapologetic and honest and I think that is the way to be. If you know what you are, own it baby! Russell could charm the pants off a nun!

I highly recommend Russell's book. I could not put it down! If you love reading celebrity memoirs or just want to check out something different. Read My Booky Wooky.

My Side Note: I am not easily offended. Russell is bold and honest. This book is not for those who are offended by such topics as sex addiction, drug use and more.

Product Description
Russell Brand learned early on to make a joke of fear and failure. From a troubled childhood in industrial Essex, England, to his descent into addictions to alcohol, drugs, and sex in the seamy underbelly of London, Brand has seen his share of both and miraculously lived to tell the tale. In My Booky Wook he leads readers on a rollicking journey through his disastrous school career, his infamous antics on MTV, and his multifarious sexual adventures. But this irreverent memoir is a story not simply of struggle but also of redemption, a testament to the difficulty of discovering what you want from life and the remarkable power of a bloody-minded determination to get it. My Booky Wook is a giddy trip through the brilliant mind of one of Britain's most valuable exports.


  1. Another one that sounds interesting. This one sounds like one that the book club should read. I would love to get the thoughts of my friends on this guys life. He sounds like a hoot.
    Thanks for the referral.

  2. He's "sexy in a 'perfumed, gayish, feminine' sort to way??!!" HAHAHA! I have no idea who this person is, but I can't imagine that he would be flattered by that hilarious description! But boy it made me laugh :)

  3. Something about him puts me off....sometimes I like him and sometimes I don't...sometimes he's hilarious and I love his raunchiness but sometimes he's not funny and his craziness actually gets boring. He's a hit and miss with me.


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