Wednesday, September 02, 2009

1st Day of Kindergarten Is Over

So, the first day has come and gone. My girlfriend took a picture of her son with my son this morning. Thankfully she did because I didn't get any pictures of him at school.

He was very excited to start today. Notice the silly face. For some reason the silly face is in and it unfortunately is here to stay.

I had everything ready the night before thinking that the morning needed to run smoothly because I wasn't sure how he would be.

He got dressed, was a little quiet on the way to school but that is typical. He is waaaay more quiet than my daughter who needs to fill every moment with words.

We met his father in the parking lot and walked to the school. I spoke to all the moms I knew from the past few years and everyone seemed quite comfortable. I believe my son and maybe 4 others were the only few who didn't take the bus. I will be driving and picking him up while I can.

While he was getting dressed he asked, "you will pick me up at 12:00 p.m?" (This was the time I picked him up for the past 3 years in preschool). I told him, "no, I will be there at 3:00." Actually he gets out after 3:00 but I didn't want to shock him anymore than he would be. He said, "no...I want to be picked up at 12:00. If you pick me up at 3:00 it will be night time soon."

When I picked him up, I sat poised with my cameras waiting for him to come down the stairs. He was the last one out, waved at me with a "hey mom", waited for his class to get through the door and then came over to hug me. I was proud that he didn't run for me through the line. He said, "I was looking for you all day. Shhhhheesshhhh, I was tired!" When I asked when he was tired he said, 1:00.

He got to play an hour of Wii. I took him and his sister to McDonalds to eat. We never eat in because I prefer to drive through and eat in the comfort of my own home. We ate there, he was so happy. We headed home for homework. One little work sheet where he had to write his name 8 times.

He said, "I love my school mom."

Hopefully tomorrow he is just as enthusiastic.

I am happy everything went well and he seems happy. There is a note going to school tomorrow because I would like to know what time they do lunch and what time they do snack. Also, his sweatshirt didn't come home and no one helped him open his water so he came home with 2 bottles of water, drinking out of the fountain instead.

Other than that....everything seems peachy keen jelly bean.

I am so proud of you J. You are amazing and we can't wait to see all the changes you make this year. I am mostly looking forward to the sign language that you are going to learn this year. Maybe you can teach me.

Tonight I read him the Kissing Hand which is the book that was read to him in school today. I love that book. It really is a great first day of school book.


  1. Awww..what a sweet post. I'm glad he likes his first day of school =)

  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I am so happy for him. he will blossom so much this year.

  3. Oh, Maria, I'm so glad that he did so well today... he looks so adorable and happy to be there. I love that smile, it takes up half his face!! :-)
    I knew he would be o.k. You prepared him well. What a great mom taking them to Mickey-Ds after.
    Such a great day for the kids. Way to go!!!

  4. How sweet, thank you for sharing>> makes me remember mine and I loved it too


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