Monday, September 28, 2009

The Air Show Brings It

Last week Goddess and I were in the right place at the right time. While getting gas we saw a plane doing free falls, death rolls, spins and spirals and I remembered that an air show was near.

I pulled the car over and we headed out. I found a spot not to far away from the airport and we sat on the grass watching. She picked me flowers, clovers and headed me leaves which I geared in my camera bag. Each item is a blessing. She told me on Thursday that the reason she gives me these is because "you take us to school and fun places and stuff." Cute. It used to be because she loved me. Then it was because "I know you like these."

The plane was red so I snapped a shot for Mary's Ruby Tuesday.

It landed and the yellow one started it's propeller.

Love the above shot because you can see the propeller moving!

Then the pilot of red plane got out and I snapped a picture of his red uniform. I felt like a total tool but I was on a meme mission and damn it I was going to get some red!!!


  1. It looks pretty shot...Happy RT!

  2. Your photos are not only perfect in color for the meme, but the composition is just amazing. I love how you've framed the yellow plane with the red one... gorgeous.

    BTW, you have an award waiting on my blog:

  3. the first shot is fantastic! i love all the reds in these photos---i'm sure the pilot posed for you.:P

  4. FAB shot!..i think he was putting on a show just for you!!

  5. Awesome!!!! I do so love to be attending airshows.

    MY R. T. is now posted...scroll down from my Tuesday's Heads or Tails post....

  6. Did you ask for his autograph? Just kidding :) You shouldn't have felt like a tool. I bet he was flattered.


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