Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Flu Season is Around The Corner-Giveaway

The kids are in school!

In a few weeks, as the weather gets colder, we start hearing about kids out with a cough, the sniffles, or some other bug that makes is lovely way around the little darlings in your kid's class room until it settles nice and snug in your little ones.

The fever, the chills, the cough time to stock up and go through the medicine cabinet to check expiration dates.

Temple read thermometer technology provides the accuracy of the traditional oral thermometers, with the convenience of a non-invasive reading.

This came in very handy because my daughter suddenly became a radiator sitting next to me the other day. The heat was radiating off her body and I knew this meant something was running through her system. I asked if her throat hurt, her chest, her ears? She informed me that nothing hurt yet the body was on fire. I took her temperature with the ear thermometer and it told me that her temp was 101.8. The mailman dropped off a package. It was the Temple Touch Thermometer. I took her temp right away and it showed the same. Got to love that, in 6 seconds I got the same reading on the Temple Touch Thermometer which retails for $12.99 as I got on the $69.99 Ear Thermometer.

Also, asleep or awake, there is nothing to stick in a child's hear to beep them awake. Just place the Temple Touch Thermometer to their temple, press a button and get the reading in 6 seconds.
Temple Touch Thermometer wants to help us get ready for the cold and flu season with a Temple Touch Thermometer.

So, how do you enter?
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