Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mellow Yellow Randomness - Because That's The Way I Roll

I seriously had no tie in for these random photos of various shades of yellow for Mellow Yellow this week. Is that a run on? Where the heck does the comma go?

(Click each to enlarge)



  1. random, but all very nice ones.

  2. Great title and nice shots!

  3. All great shots... as usual!
    Goddess looks so intense!
    I LOVE the last one with the lone yellow flower in the fence... that's definitely my favorite!

    (BTW, I'm pretty sure that sentence is gramatically correct!)

  4. they are all nice photos...especially that little baby girl with a mellow yellow working hat on

  5. Cucumber blossom
    waiting for a random bee
    to brush its pollen…

    My Mellow Yellow

  6. Ree Ree my favorite pic goes to the won in the cemetry. There's something about it that brought a chill up my arm. Yet this picture is telling a story and also sharing peace. Nice job!

  7. Beautiful girl with yellow hat...Happy MYM!


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