Saturday, April 29, 2006

I am from....

While reading blogs yesterday I found this really fun exercise. If you have a chance to do it let me know. It was fun to remember some things I had forgotten.

I am from...

I am from family outings that lasted from morning to night; beginning with bacon and eggs over the BBQ to smores at dusk. Swimming and laughing with friends and playing all day with my sisters.

I am from paper dolls cut from the Montgomery Ward and Sears catalog hoping that I got first dibs before my sister’s took the best pictures.

I am from dancing in front of my mirror with a hair brush to the tunes of my youth.

I am from playing in the raked leaves, climbing up the tall trees, swimming in the creek, dancing in the streets, struggling in the heat and marching to my own beat.

I am from posters on my wall, stuffed animals on my bed, and dear diary sessions that last for hours.

I am from egg creams made with love and letter shaped pancakes for birthdays.

I am from lying in the dandelions and watching the clouds roll by after spinning too long at the playground.

I am from dogs and cats, puppies and kittens that were always being born but never stuck around long.

I am from Sunday dresses, white gloves, lacy headscarves and tiny handbags with silver clasps while I tried not to swing my legs and hit the pews in front me while listening to the guitars during folk mass.

I am from catching frogs, fireflies, butterflies, ladybugs and salamanders and holding them for hours before letting them go.

I am from scraped knees, bug bites, and sunburn

I am from skipping stones, jumping rope, relay races and playing man hunt.

I am from Kool-Aid pops, jiffy pop, peanut butter and banana sandwiches on wonder bread, big glasses of milk and homemade donuts

I am from Pufnstuf, Magic Garden, Brady Bunch, The Munsters, Gilligan’s Island, Little House on the Prairie and Shirley Temple Theatre on Sundays.

I am from Holly Hobbie, Pippi Longstocking, Chinese Checkers, and Twister

I am from ponchos, gauchos, prairie skirts, and plaid pants.

I am from Brownies, Girl Scouts, sleepovers and note passing.

I am from sickness, sorrow and secrets

I am from loneliness, lies and tears

I am from hope and healing

I am from here and I am from there

I am from her and I am from him

I am from me


  1. wow what a great "I am from"
    talk about flash backs!!! hollie hobbie!! and ponchos!! yup been there..isn't it weird to see those things in the stores again??? makes me feel old to see re-run fashions!

  2. Lala - first I want to thank you for reading all my posts. You rock! I am glad you had a chance to flash back.
    Loved Holly Hobbie!!!! Not sure about the new Holly Hobbie though. On my myspace blog my friend was very excited about the Magic Garden picture. So many of my friends never heard of the Magic Garden so it is great to hear that I am not alone.


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