Tuesday, April 25, 2006

AI's Top 6 sing about romance

Tonight American Idol is all about Romance. Andrea Borcelli worked with the Idols this week to perfect their singing styles on song choice. I am a mother first and an idol fan second so I didn't get to watch AI until Kelli sang.

Katherine sang "I have nothing". From my son's bedroom she sounded ok but her voice sounded stained like it was hard for her to sing. Randy mentioned something about it being Whitney's song but we all know where Whitney is in her career now and I don't think Katherine deserves to be compared to that!

Elliott sang "A song for you" I love this song! He did a friggin awesome job. The judges especially Randy and Simon loved it! Simon told him that his song was a master class.

Kelli sang "Unchained Melody" I still don't know why she is still here. She had pitch problems all over the place. She looks and sounds like a robot. It was the longest song in history. The judges basically told her that she had pitch problems and chose the wrong song

Paris sang "The Way we Were" it was ok. Paris has a great voice but for some reason she annoys me. Paula told her that she oversang it. I don't think she over sang but it wasn't her best.

Taylor sang "I did my bes.t" I thought he just did ok. It wasn't his best! The judges didn't like it either. I love Taylor no matter what but I missed his dancing.

Chris sang "Have you ever really ever loved a women." I loved the Spanish style guitar and I still hear LIVE. Love Chris!!! He sounds awesome no matter what he sings. Simon loved it! Paula got stupid. I actually get embarressed for her sometimes. Randy loved it!

My choice for the bottom three
Kelli, Paris, Taylor

To go home Kelli


  1. I totally agree this HAS to be the last week for Kellie....she can't get away for butchering 2 songs....can she??

  2. Thank God she can't and she won't be able to "butcher" songs on AI any longer.


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