Tuesday, May 02, 2006

AI - Top 5

Tonight we listen to the Top 5 (my fave #) start with songs from the year they were born and then get a chance with a second song from today's Billboard. As depressing as it was to hear how friggin old I truly am this was a good show.

Elliott sang On Broadway - It was ok for me. I like Elliott but I didn't think it was a strong performance.
Randy thought it was a rough start
Paula though it was ok
Simon told him he was lucky he had a chance with another song tonight.

Paris sang Prince's Kiss - I like when Prince sings this song and I liked it when Paris sang it. She is a really good singer I just hate her voice when she talks. Irks me! She showed personality and added her own little bit to the song.
Randy - Liked that she had fun
Paula - Everyone knows you can sing your butt off
Simon - He told her it was screechy and annoying

Chris sang Renegade - WOW, WOW, WOW! Chris can sing!!!! I love this dudes voice. Does he ever look bad?
Randy - Liked it that was hot
Paula - You set yourself far ahead of everyone else
Simon - Better than your last performance

Katherine sang Against the Odds - I love Katherine and I thought she did great.
Randy - You look amazing
Paula - Not my favorite
Simon - The song got away from you

Taylor sang Play that Funky Music - This was Taylor being Taylor. He reminded me why I love him. He had a good time. I love the funky, spastic dancing!
Randy - You had a good time
Paula - This is why people love you
Simon - It was like a horrible wedding performance

For their second round
Elliott sang Home - He does have a great voice but Elliott would be better for studio work (in my opinion. I don't think he is the AMERICAN IDOL.
Randy - Good choice
Paula - Showed off the richness of your voice
Simon - Bad choice of song lyrics (I want to go home). Ha Simon made a funny!

Paris sang Mary J. Blige Be Without You - I was worried but Paris can sing and did Mary proud!
Randy - Big risk! You rocked.
Paula - I love your voice
Simon - I think you did rather well

Chris sang I Dare You - I truly think this guy is the winner. If not we will be hearing a lot of him. He is MY American Idol.
Randy - Just all right for me
Paula -Not my favorite but I love you
Simon - Your voice is going but great song

Katherine sang Black Horse and The Cherry Tree - I loved that she started on the floor with the dudes on those drums things. 10 seconds in, I wanted her to get off the floor. I am not sure what she was going for there sexy, lazy, cute...love her but they have people to clean the floor.
Randy - That's the Kat I like - I guess Randy likes his women crawling all over the floor
Paula - Like the intimacy of the performance
Simon - Showed more personality

Taylor sang Something [in the Way] by the Beatles (huh - what were they doing in the top 10?). I love Taylor but his expressions crack me up. He is fun to me and doing this serious song was funny for me.
Randy - Great song
Paula - Move it tenderly
Simon - You are a very good singer. That was good.

If was voting:
Winner - Chris
To Go Home - Dare I say it...ok...Taylor.. Oh the shame. I love you Taylor but someone has to go.

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  1. oh thanks for the update..I missed last nights performances and now I know I can always rely on you to keep me up to date!!!

    by the sounds of it..and I know you are pretty accurate...I would say Elliot will probably go and I agree I think Chris is going to win! being a single mom myself I LOVE the fact that he married a single mom!! like he had me right there with that alone...now add to it he's hot and dang can he sing!!!


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