Tuesday, April 11, 2006

AI Top 8 Sing the Songs of Queen

This was the first show that I must admit I was not that excited about. I mean really there are tons cooler bands but ahhh...ok.

Bucky sang Fat Bottom Girls. He started pretty strong. I actually liked it but I like redneck party music and hell ok I'll say it; I'm a friggin Fat Bottom Girl!

Randy - Nice way to start. I feel like I am at a Bucky concert.
Paula - It was great.
Simon - Good choice for you I guess. Overall it was quite mediocre.
Ace sang We will Rock You. Ace started out by saying something about how he wanted it not to sound like "Ace doing Queen" First I hate people who talk about themselves in the third person and second Ace saying something about DOING Queen is just funny. Without looking Ace sounds just ok. Watching he is friggin Jon Bon Jovi (insert your own singer here).
Randy - That was just a 5 or a 6. It was alright.
Paula - I like how you paid tribute
Simon - I think it was a complete, utter mess. It didn't work. It was we will rock you gently. I really, really hated it.
Kelli sang Bohemian Rhapsody. Yucky beginning. I really wanted her to rock it out. When she finally did it was ok. I thought she tried to hard to do the Rocker Chick thing.
Randy - I was entertained
Paula - It was ambitious
Simon - You are a brave girl. It was Night of the Living Dead. I think it worked. You did good.
Chris sang some song that Queen never performed lived. He of course rocked. Baby! Baby! Lose the eye make-up. Freddie needed it, you do not. I thought he did a great job.
Randy - I was expecting great things. You delivered.
Paula - That last note
Simon - Not a great song. The best vocal so far. A bit indulgent
Katherine sang Who wants to Live Forever. Love the music, love the lights, love her hair, love her voice. Not in that order. It sounded like "Katherine's song." She owned it!!
Randy - It was very good to hear. A bit pitchy! Big Voice
Paula - You handled it. That is a song for a big voice like Celine or Barbara Streisand and you handled it.
Simon - That was almost "the moment." Strongest tonight.
Elliott - Sang Somebody to Love. It was just ok to me. I thought he started weak but found his way getting by making it all bluesy! He ended well.
Randy - There was some pitch problems but it was really good
Paula - Best vocal tonight
Simon - You chose the tough one, but overall you pulled it off.
Taylor sang Crazy Little thing Called Love. Yeah Taylor! Love the spastic dancing! Love him, love him, love him. His enthusiasm is infectious.
Randy - The last few weeks I have been wondering where is Taylor? He's back baby. That was hot!
Paula - I don't know if we should give you a record deal or a strait jacket.
Simon - I thought it was a bit ridiculous. Are you drunk?
Paris sang The Show must Go On. She did a kick ass job. She looked hot and her voice was strong. Hot performance.
Randy - You worked it out
Paula - You are THE POWERHOUSE
Simon - A little weird
If I was voting my vote would go to Katherine. My pick for the bottom three are..
Bucky, Ace and Kelli
My choice to leave - Bucky


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the photo's of the kids ! They have beautiful eyes.

    I don't watch American Idol much but the few times that I have, I'm kind of stuck on the bald guy.

  2. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I've been trying to keep up with Idol. Last night I made the decision that Chris should win. Katherine is good, but I think shes too much like everyone else out there. Paris is great too.
    I can't stand Ace or Bucky and Kelly - well she needs to go back to school! :)

  3. i almost always miss american idol. but just reading from your blog, i feel like i actually watched it. thanks!

  4. I agree with the make-up on Chris...he doesn't need it and I thought he looked strange.
    My hubby thinks Ace is gay! but when he sang I will be your Father figure......I had goosebumps and it well it made me a little randy!!

    what does self-indulgent mean anyways?? I usually agree with Simon over Randy or Paula (gag who just can't give constructive critizm to save her life) but that one comment he makes....I just don't what he means by it!!

  5. Jeep Girl - You are welcome. Thanks for visiting mine. Thank you also for the compliments on my little ones. They DO have beautiful eyes! Love them to pieces.

    Suzanne - I think you are right. It looks like Chris will definity be in the top 3. He is my pick for Idol.

    Angelboo - Well thanks for the compliment. I don't know how my blog became such an idol blog but I do love it.

    LaLa - I am not sure about Ace either but really who cares gay/not gay he is a cutie. I agree with you on the Father Figure song it was well done. I think when Simon says something was a bit indulgent he is saying that the singer is sticking to what they love and what they do well. But I think that is the point don't you. They can't win. If they try to move away from their sound they are told that they need to stick to what they know because it didn't work but then when they stick to what they know they are called indulgent. Who knows!


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