Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pics of my Babies because I have no time to write

Brrr....I love little lacy bonnets. I bet she will be a hardcore biker chick!

X, X, X, X, X, Yes Rainman, that's an X

Enjoying Blue's Clues

The kids enjoy our new "eat-in" kitchen

Super Star

So busy...Jesse and his Wiggles audience

Jesse and his favorite things in the whole world...the WIGGLES!

Hi, I have two teeth!

Mr. Poser!

Braving the Chilly March weather

Just because she is so cute!


  1. Oh you have such beautiful children.. it's nice to see them mixed in with all the American Idol people!!!

    Yes, enjoy the lacy bonnets while you can.. who knows what the future may bring. Now - off to the recap!

  2. Thanks so much Holli. This used to be a Mommy blog but that damn AI has destroyed all that is good on my blog. Damn them! Damn them to hell!


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