Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dead Pickle Walking

Simon apologized to Katherine. He stated that after re-watching her again, he thought that it was a great performance.

Ryan had the Idols form three groups: Kat and Chris, Taylor and Elliott and Kelli and Paris. Then he told everyone that the groups were your top, your middle and your bottom two.

I was praying that Kat and Chris were the top 2.

Elliott and Taylor were told to take a seat.

Chris and Katherine were informed that they had the most amount of votes last night.

I am so friggin happy! You would think I gave birth to them myself.

Paris and Kelli are left standing on the stage.

Please let it be Kelli, please let it be Kelli!

Yes! It's Kelli...sorry Kelli. I am sure we will see your sorry ass somewhere. I mean..good night and good luck. Practice the Star Spangel Banner because I am sure some team will want you singing at their next game.


  1. I'm still voting for the bald guy. He's hot and I like his voice.

  2. Finally is right!
    I love Chris too. He is HOT!

  3. Kat or Chris ........ my money's on Chris to win (*sigh*)....but it'll be one of the two.


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