Monday, January 03, 2022

So What Makes A Year? Toddler Lesson Plan

Today my class starts a lesson on What Makes A Year? 

It's a hard concept for children under 3 who don't understand a year, a month, a week, tomorrow or even today. We usually tell them they get to stay home for three sleeps with mommy and daddy before they return to school so how do you teach the idea of a year to toddlers?

We will start by looking at a calendar. Show them the pictures, boxes, the word at the top of the page and the numbers inside the boxes. We will try to count as high as the class can and see where we go from there. We will mention the holiday on the calendars and what months they fall in. I will point out their birthdays on each month and date. 

When my kids were in preschool they sang Days Of The Week to the tune of The Addams Family. I have been doing the same since becoming the Head Teacher of the Toddler Class. I love it! 

We will also do the song "These Are The Months of The Year".

For the activity we are going to do a Four Season Sort/Match Up from Totschooling. My daughter laminated them for me and cut them all out so that they can easily be matched up and wiped clean for the next person to try.

I hope to read them Snow Rabbit , Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons. If my school has it. It is a cute story about the seasons and hibernation.

Hope to keep them interested! The first week of the year means kids who have been home with parents and new kids in the class. We do our best and hope for at least 15 minutes of structure. If the class is small tomorrow I can work one on one with each on the sorting activity. I hope so! 

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