Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Feeling Sick? Do This Now!


1. Drink lots of water! Water flushes waste from your body as well as regulates your body temperature. It also carries nutrients and oxygen to your entire body, helps you absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your food which will increase your chance of staying healthy.  There really is nothing better than drinking water. It is honestly my favorite drink and if you don't love it, learn to. It is important to your body.

2. GO TO SLEEP! Your body does its best healing when it is sleeping.  Your body needs to focus on the molecular things helping your immune system. “Many of the molecules and substances that circulate in our body and also within cells overlap between immune function and sleep,” says David Rapoport, MD.

3. Gargle with salt water! Salt destroys bacteria and stops it from growing. As soon as I feel the beginning of a sore throat, I warm up some water and add some salt. 

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