Sunday, January 02, 2022

Planning For 2022 - Journals, Planners and Pens Oh My!


Every year I want to journal, keep a calendar and stay on top of life. I always start out with good intentions. Never with any plan just jump in like you would anything. Or should I say like I would anything. I try not to add stress to myself by saying, you have to set up time to write, read, exercise, etcetera so when I do, I do! 

For two years I used Tools4Wisdom Planners. I liked how large the columns were because instead of just using it as a calendar I was also using it as a memory keeper. I would print out photos and movie posters from movies I watched. I used stickers to make it fun and sometimes stayed on top of it and looking back there were weeks I didn't get to for whatever reason, feeling guilty about it at the time. Now I don't have guilt just wish I had done it every day because I like the look of seeing what I was doing or how I was feeling. 

Last year I switched over to an appointment book. I had used one for years and I wanted to do something cheaper since I was spending more on stickers now. I liked it; it was smaller than the planner of the past two years so I could bring it with me everywhere. I still used it as a calendar and a memory keeper but wanted to journal more so I started a separate journal. 

I grabbed a bullet journal and used it to write, add stickers, photos and other pieces of paper. I LOVED it! 

The photos from the sticker books are fun. 

Hopefully I can continue to do my appointment book, this year back to a large size. I got The Happy Planner in large! I have saved so many photos of what I want the book to look like on my Pinterest Journaling/Scrapbook Ideas/Bullet Journal page although I think "trying" to do any of these makes me feel inferior. These are some talented people. I am going to just do me! Whatever that is. 

I have a 5 Year One Line A Day Book that I hope to use right before I shut out my light at night, a small pocket size one to jot things down so I don't forget until I can put it in my larger one and the journal that I will write in when I can. As often as I can without stress. 

If I can keep up with the 5 Year One Line A Day Book I will be thankful although the plan as of now is to do all 3. 

If you are thinking of keeping a journal my advice to you is just start. Don't think too much about it. Grab a book even a refillable travel journal where you can switch out the insert as soon as you fill it or in a pinch a composition book you have laying around. It doesn't have to look perfect. You just have to write. 

My Suggestions:

1- Don't feel like you have to keep up with the Joneses. Make it you. It is ok to start and decide you want to try something different. If it isn't working, change it. 

2-Don't worry about aesthetics. Many of us don't try something, stop or give up because we think it doesn't have the "right" aesthetic!  Just do you. As you get more into it, keep with it, then go for it. I spent more money than I needed to when I started. I grabbed a bunch of things that other writers suggested. I wish I would have waited. 

3-Write for the memories. I LOVE looking back at my books. It is fun to go back and re-read or just flip through. Write the real you! It doesn't have to be perfect. Life isn't perfect. 

4-Don't feel as if you have to fill up every square inch of space. Blank space is ok. It makes it easier to re-read it and a cluttered page makes a cluttered mind. Simplicity is sometimes overlooked. It is okay to just journal without the bells and whistles. 

5-Spend money on your pen. I can tell you that I love writing with my Micron. It makes my writing look beautiful. It glides beautifully!

With all that said. I am going to close this post by saying. Write! Write about you. How you feel. What you are doing. Whatever. I wish my mother wrote more. I hope my daughter reads my journals when I'm gone. I wish I could find a journal every time I go to a book sale. Personal writing is important, it helps you reflect, remember or just clear you head! 

Wishing you the best year! 

This is NOT a sponsored post! I start every year with a new book and just wanted to write about it. I do have link that bring you to my Amazon page attached to my affiliate links. I make a small/tiny percent if you use the link but you do not need to. You can get any of these items at any store where these items are sold. I was only adding for convenience. 

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