Monday, May 10, 2021

My Life In Pictures - Dec 21 - Dec 31

December 21 - December Selfie! I was probably sweating at work.

December 22 - My class each had a chance to make reindeer food! They loved using the glitter more than anything else. 

December 23 -  One of the gifts I made my Teaching Assistant. She loves D & D. I got her an ornament and a gift card with little treats around it.

December 24 - This is another gift for my assistant. She loves TJMaxx so I got her a gift card with some warm socks because she is always cold.

December 25 - Christmas Morning. Does everyone else get happy when they take these pictures of their tree with presents all around it. It is a must and I can never take too many. I love seeing all those gifts knowing that they are all going to be so surprised. 

December 26 - My daughter had to take a photo for her photography class of movement. This was fun!

December 27 - I did a DNA test on my Jinxy Boy! Here is what happened

December 28 - NOTHING!

December 29 - Look at that view!!

December 30 - Luna! She is soo cute.

December 31 -  New Year's Eve!

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