Tuesday, February 16, 2021

My Siamese Looking Cat Is A What Now? Cat DNA Kit From Baspaws

One of the biggest pop culture moments of 2020 was the Tiger King era of quarantine, which perhaps resonated most with cat parents and lovers around the world. On the heels of this phenomenon, I wanted to reach out on behalf of my client Basepawsthe world’s only at-home cat  DNA test kit (think 23andMe but for cats)which can help cat owners find out if their feline has tiger, lion or cheetah relatives. 

You may already be familiar with the product from Shark Tank and Ellen’s List - Basepaws offers two cat DNA testing products. The first test kit listed here offers insight on ancestry and health, while the second product listed is a bit more affordable and just offers ancestry insights. The testing process is simple and east  – quickly swab your kitty’s mouth and send the test kit back to the Basepaws laboratory. From there, customers will receive their pet’s full report in 4-6 weeks with personalized updates throughout their pet’s lifetime.

So we have three rescue cats.  Luna is a Turkish Van as per her markings. We had her 2 years prior to the other two who we adopted as a bonded pair of kittens from the shelter we volunteer at. They came in very sick with a young mama. She wanted nothing to do with them and was eventually spayed and returned to the place she was captured as part of the Capture and Release program run in certain areas. These two babies never made it to the adoption room. They both had respiratory illnesses and Jinxy didn't have the use of his back legs. More on his horror story here.   We adopted them at about 6 weeks of age through our volunteer shelter and at the time we were told they were sisters. Jinxy is very much a boy which we heard when he was about 2 months old. He is my first boy cat! 

We decided to use the test on him. It is pretty easy to do. The bag the swab comes in has all the instructions. You basically swab the inside cheek area and send it out after you start an account on the Basepaws website. It was easy and took no time. They ask for some information and pictures. I was happy to fill it out and send it all in. We were so excited to read the report from Baspaws which has so much information and is pages long.  Basepaws also checks your cat for any genetic disorders or health markers. I was happy to see he is in peak health with no genetic disabilities especially considering his first year of life. 

We plan on testing the other two cats over the next few months just so we have their reports and highly recommend this product to cat lovers. It was very interesting.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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