Monday, May 10, 2021

My Life In Pictures - Dec 1 - Dec 12th

So much to catch up on. Why do things get away from me these things. We are in May and I am still working on last year.

December 1 - At work waiting on kids. This is my morning. I get to work. Take my temp, get a new mask and wait for kids to come into the building where I take their temp, log the temp and time they arrived and bring them to their classroom since parents are no longer allowed in the building. 

December 2 - I never get tired of looking at the sky! 

December 3 - I am in love with my Christmas decorated mantle. 

December 4 - Luna is a perfect Christmas decoration. Could she just stay right there?

December 5 - It's the most wonderful time of the year.

December 6 & 7  - I took photos of my classes family Christmas gifts. They came out so cute. I used Dollar Tree items to create a snowglobe with each child inside of it. I don't have permission to show them sooo.

December 8 - I made the cutest magnets of my class. Each child's pic on a 3 piece Jenga piece which was glued together and glittered. They came out so cute! I wish I could show them. Next time I will do one of my own kids so I can show them off.

December 9 - This pink winter sky is gorgeous. 

December 10 - My class loves painting. They were making wreaths. I wanted to do a 12 days of Christmas so that for 12 days they went home with something for their families. It was no small feat, I can tell you.

December 11 - Nothing!

December 12 - My living room made me so happy this year. 

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