Tuesday, May 25, 2021

My Life In Pictures - Jan 1 - Jan 7, 2021

January 1 - nada. how the hell did I not take a photo on the first day in 2021?

January 2 - my girl! Me and my girl went out on a beautiful winter day. We walked over 6 miles just enjoying the beautiful weather, the conversation and took a ton of pictures. 

January 3 - Art by my girl! Amazing!

January 4 - Winter sky! I love the colors of the winter night sky! Well I love the color of the sky no matter the year but the tree and the moon just are special with that BLUE!

January 5 - I am obsessed with golden milk. Turmeric, milk, black pepper and crushed ginger. It is delicious. 

January 6 - I took photos of my students and this cake only on this date. Not much to share but I remember the cake being delicious.

January 7 - Another gorgeous sky photo!

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