Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Importance of Brushing


Regular dental care is an important part of your overall health and daily wellbeing. If you’ve ever had issues with your teeth you certainly know how much of a hindrance these problems can cause for even normal daily actives such as eating or drinking. Regular checkups at Valley Wide help keep your mouth in excellent health.

Four Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Teeth Regularly

In-between dental appointments there are many ways to help keep your mouth and teeth healthy. One of the most important of these is brushing your teeth regularly.

  1. Keeps Your Breath Fresh: bacteria collects in your mouth without regular brushing which can lead to bad breath. Brushing removes these bacteria and keeps your breath fresh and your mouth clean. These bacteria can also lead to ulcers in addition to impacting your breath.
  2. Helps Prevent Teeth Staining: most modern toothpastes contain cleaning agents which help prevent stains and discoloration to your teeth. Tooth staining can be caused by many things including several materials found in food, beverages, and consumer products. 
  3. Protect Your Mouth From Plaque Build Up: without regular brushing plaque builds up in your mouth along with your teeth and gumline. This can lead to sensitive gums, bleeding when you brush, and over a long enough period of time gingivitis and gum disease. 
  4. Prevent Expensive Dental Concerns: preventative care can prevent several expensive health issues and this is also true for your teeth. Ignoring regular brushing and tooth care can lead to issues such as cavities which are not only very painful but require extensive time and professional care to properly fix. 

How Often Should You Brush?

In general, the American Dental Association advises you should brush your teeth twice a day. Additional care such as flossing and mouth wash help keep your teeth, gums, and mouth in good condition. Also, be sure to use toothpaste that has the ADA seal of approval

Final Thoughts

Your health is of utmost importance and staying current on any of your medical needs and regular checkups can greatly improve your quality of life. Preventative care is also valuable as it helps prevent addressable health concerns from becoming more severe. When going over your healthcare needs your teeth are an easy thing to overlook unless you have a history of dental problems or having a pressing concern such as a cavity. However, by being proactive with your dental care you improve your health and prevent future ailments. If you need dental care visit https://vwdentalhuntsville.com/ to learn more.

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