Monday, November 09, 2020

My Life In Pictures - May 25th - May 31 - How did I get so far behind?

 May 25 - My boy Jinxy on a leash! We started taking the cats on one at a time. He loved it but we were all so freaked out about the cats jumping off the deck. Thankfully they got use to the leash pretty easily.

May 26 - My girl's art makes me happier than most other things!

May 27 - Took pictures of my classroom and preschool students but cannot share them of course!

May 28 - My new norm. I am at work and I have to say wearing a mask all day is not FUN!

May 29 - SOOOO hot! I cannot take the heat!

May 30 - Jinxy learning to walk on the leash!

May 31 - NADA

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