Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Beauty Products And More For Disney & Ariel Fans

 H2O+ The Little Mermaid Anniversary Collection with Cosmetic Bag & Disney Hits Campaign

As I get older my skin is drier I long to feel that dewy, youthful skin my daughter has. After a week of using the H20 The Little Mermaid Collection I can tell you my skin feels “under the sea” hydrated.

I received The Little Mermaid 3 Step Hydration Collection and Beauty bag last Monday. Goddess and I both started using it. At 15 she is more nervous to try new products on her teen skin but was onboard with doing this review with me.

We truly love all 3 products. Not only were we excited to see our favorite Disney Princess but love how our skin feels.

Elements Keep It Fresh Face Cleanser by H2O+ 

This was my daughters favorite of the trio. She loved the smell and how easy it rinsed off her skin. Truly a great product.

Oasis Hydrating Beauty Essence by H2O

This was my favorite of the trio. I love the color and the bottle but more than that, it makes my skin feel incredible. My skin feels amazing.

Oasis Hydrating Treatment Water-Gel Moisturizer by H2O+

Anytime you clean your face you must remember to moisturize. Cleaners can strip your skin from its nature oils. If you dry out your skin, your skin produces more oil which can give you acne, 

I love using this blue moisturizer. It rubs into the skin so easily and smells amazing.

See my video review https://youtu.be/wJhOl7OABTE 

Btw while reading this review listen to this Disney Hits album 

To purchase https://www.shopdisney.com/brands/h2o-plus/

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.  No monetary compensation was offered.

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