Thursday, November 19, 2020

Making A Back to The Roots Terrarium Garden With My Toddler Class



Back to the Roots, organic gardening company, has amazing NEW products just for the holiday season and I cannot wait to get more. My class is loving it,  With the brand new Terrarium Kids Grow Kit and the Self-Watering Grow Kit.

My class has loved checking on our garden every day and I am thrilled to find something they are all interested in and excited about. 

This is the perfect gift for kids who are excited to get their hands dirty and get their creativity flowing off-screen which I am a firm believer in making a conscious effort as a parent and teacher to do things off line with your kids. 

The kits from Back to the Roots comes with everything you need to decorate and grow your own garden. 


Back to the Roots’ Mushroom Kit (grows in just 10 days!), Microgreens (natures best-kept secret!), and Seed Packets (all new and 100% USA grown, the seed line is the first national 100% U.S. grown retail seed packet program in the country!) are also great stocking stuffers and gifts for anyone in your family! 

Since my class is only 2-2.5 years old I did a demonstration for them. I talked about gardening. Told them what we were going to do and set them around the table to watch me put our garden together. The kit comes with stickers and each child was able to select and put a sticker on our garden. Watch our video to see how excited they were to make a terrarium.

Honestly we started it last Thursday and by Tuesday we had 5 inch micro greens. Yesterday I allowed those who wanted to try some, a taste, 6 out of 9 wanted to try it and four asked for more. I say that’s a win!

I need to grab some more packets so we can grow some more. The kids love when I bring our garden to circle time every day.

Look for this and more in my upcoming Holiday Gift Guide,

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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