Monday, November 04, 2019

My Life In Pics - Oct 11 - Oct 17

October 11 - My class waving goodbye to the Firefighters who stopped in to pass out fire hats, give a tour of the truck and allow the kids to spray the hose.

October 12 - My girl took a felting class. We have taken a class in the past so she went in with a little knowledge. I think her pumpkin came out wonderful.

October 13 - Goddess and I after volunteer work is all done at the shelter love spending time with all the cats and kittens. We love them all and want them all to go to homes while also loving our time with them. This cutie was adopted the next week. I was shocked she was still there. Look at that face.

October 14 - This is my favorite time of year so when Goddess was done with her dental appointment we walked around taking photos like tourists. She is a character.

October 15 - My class was checking out a slug! They think bugs are fascinating.

October 16 - NADA

October 17 - This little guy was trapped inside Shoprite. I say trapped because if I could fly the last thing I would want to be would be inside.

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