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Product Review Corner – Princess Linen

Hey, welcome to my Product Review Corner.Today I am reviewing Princess Linens.
I was delighted when Princess Linens offered to send me one of their products so that I could review it.
Imagine my surprise when I got home today and found a box waiting for me on my porch. Inside we found the most awesome idea I have come across in a long time.
The Doodlebugz Crayola Crayon Keeper!
We unrolled it and I asked my kids what they thought it was; their answer, “sleeping bags for crayons”. Well, basically, what the Doodlebugz Crayola Crayon Keeper does is; hold an entire box of 24 Washable Crayola Crayons and then some. Each crayon goes into it’s own little, well, it’s own sleeping bag. The you roll it up and secure it with an attached Velcro strap. It also has a convenient carrying strap. My kids spent the afternoon taking the crayons out of their “sleeping bags” and putting them back in.
I don’t know about anyone else, but when we are out to dinner, doctor office, waiting in the car for someone (this happens more times than I would like), or just out and about, my kids are constantly asking for something to draw with. I search the bottom of my bag for crayons, which I carry for this very reason.

Now, I will never have to search. The pouch is small enough to fit in my bag and it’s adorable too. No more crayon marks in my bag, no more crushed or broken crayons for us.
Beside the adorable Doodlebugz Crayola Crayon Keepers which can be personalized with a name and 5 patterns to chose from, Princess Linens is chock full of extremely, adorable kid things.

You will not be disappointed. I will be ordering my 3 nieces personalized Chef apron and hats for the holidays.
Enjoy and happy shopping.

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