Sunday, November 03, 2019

My Life In Photos 8-22 - 8-31

August 22 - Spent the day with the kids at Mineral Springs and then off to cat sit. My son doesn't often come to cat sit with us but this time he had no choice since we were all together. He hates his photo taken these days but I caught him in a good mood.

August 23 - So someone got teeth pulled. When she got her braces the orthodontist said that her when her fangs started coming into alignment that there would be little room so they pulled two adult teeth. It was kinda traumatizing for me watching the surgeon hank and hank on her adult teeth. She was making noises and although she said she didn't feel anything it was hard to watch. One of the teeth actually shot across the room and almost hit me. If I didn't jump aside I probably could have caught it. The surgeon and I had to search for it on the floor.

August 24 -  My daughter and I do a Mommy and Me baby and pet sitting. We love doing it especially when the families are sweet enough to leave us love notes and veggies from their garden.

August 25 - Goddess' art work amazes me.

August 26 - When Goddess makes us lava cake we often make sundaes.

Aug 27 - My husband's garden is my favorite place to be!

Aug 28 - Jinxy's spot in my bedroom.

Aug 29 - Watching my daughter and her friends walk into their soon to be new high school for a few hours was difficult. I need a bus. I picked up as many kids as I could and dropped them. After they were done I took them to Burger King and then home. I wish I could fit more than 6 in the car because I love listening to them all together.

Aug 30 - At least once I drop by Dairy Queen on our way home from Mineral Springs. My son was in a great mood so I took another photo. I guess it is a teen thing. If I hold my phone up and gets pissed and tells me he doesn't want any photos of him taken. UGH...what's a mom to do?

Aug 31 - Goddess and I did another Mommy and Me Babysitting for one of my students. It was nice watching my girl handle a toddler. She never gets time with young kids. When I was a kid I was always around them. Our family doesn't have any little ones currently. These days are good for her confidence. I tell her that they don't see her as a kid to them she is an adult.

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