Sunday, December 02, 2018

Ultimate gift for iPhone and iPad users!

iPhones and iPads are extremely popular gifts for the holidays, but most users are only aware of a mere fraction of the incredible features at their fingertips. The new book 100+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now! (iOS 12) by Mac expert Liz M. Weiman is aiming to change all that. Available at retail stores nationwide for $24.99.

100+ iPhone/iPad Tricks is incredibly valuable for anyone including:
  • SENIORS/BABY BOOMERS: Learn how to turn your phone into a Magnifying Glass, find where you parked your car, use night shift to protect your eyes and send a signal of location immediately to 911 and loved ones in an emergency.
  • STUDENTS: Learn how to send and receive money when texting, add student IDs to Wallet, scan a document, create a table in Notes, save email attachments to iCloud and how to use group FaceTime.
  • PARENTS: Keep kids safe by setting up screen time controls including timers, restrictions and activity reports, access the camera when iPhone is locked and learn how to use portrait mode.
  • BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS: Be more productive by learning how to scan legal-sized documents, mark-up and annotate photos while texting, measure objects with just a few taps, add a stock to your watchlist, read website articles later, offline, and more!
The 411:

This is the perfect book for anyone with an iPhone or iPad. Honesty whenever I find out something new that I can do on my iPad or iPhone I have to share it because we are never too old to learn and everyone is usually surprised with the new trick.

My daughter and I were excited to learn there is a nighttime mode that reduces eye strain with 3 clicks of a button. Seriously. Click your home button three times and your phone changes into a more eye friendly color theme. Not for you? click it three times again and you are back to normal.

My favorite trick and maybe you already know about this is the play and edit photo memories. iPhone takes your photos and creates mini photo montages' with music that you can save or share to social media. You can change the music with a slide of a finger, the title, duration and more. Definitely worth the price of the book alone!

This is the perfect gift to accompany an iPhone or iPad gift or for anyone who already owns one. I am getting one for my father-in-law who always has a question about how to do something on his iPhone.  Maybe he can teach us at the next dinner get together.

To Purchase:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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