Sunday, December 02, 2018

My Life In Pictures - November 8 - November 15

November 8 - Heading over to babysit I had some extra time so pulled over, I no sooner put the truck in park and spotted this little beauty on the field. Can you see it?

November 9 - I am including this picture even though I had a better one for November 9th. I don't see myself when I look at this photo. I see my mother which is so interesting to me. How does this Snap filter make my mother? Weird! I am not sure if it is the glasses, placement of her mouth or what but I feel like I am looking at her. She died in 1978 so I guess this is what she would have looked like at the age of 52ish.

November 10 - Sadly the only photo I took on the 10th is of a mermaid tail I was reviewing. At least it is a pretty color.

November 11 - Our weekends are taken up with kittens and we love it. The kids and I have been cleaning and feeding kitten cages for almost 3 years and it is such a wonderful way to bond and help animals we CAN'T adopt.

November 12 -Another of my girl's artwork which she colored digitally after sketching. I love it!

November 13 - We are certified.

November 14 - Baby doll bathing at school. 2-3 year olds love bathing dolls. Well, they love playing in water.

November 15 - Snow snow snow! We had so much snow. I had the kids shoveling in case my husband came home he could get into the driveway but we ended up with so much snow and so many closed roads that he stayed at work for the night. Thank GOD!

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