Sunday, December 02, 2018

My Life In Photos - November 1st - November 7th

November 1 - We had a tour of the high school that my daughter will be potentially going to in September. OH MY GOD! I can't with that. I have been blogging since she was born. Anywhooooo my son was part of the tour guides as we navigated the school, met various teachers, head about classes, saw the school and I was so proud!

November 2 - Our wedding anniversary fell on the tour date so we scheduled our dinner out (with the kids, not a date night) for the next night. It is blurry but I love this picture of my son and husband ribbing each other. It is what they do.

November 3 - I didn't take any photos on this date except for a product photo while I was babysitting for one of my students. I had tried this out with him and he loved it.

November 4 -Sage looks like we are using a filter on her. Her eyes look beautiful. There is no filter. This is one of 20 photos I took of her on my daughter's lap but it is one of my favorites.

November 5 - Snapchat filters are so much fun. When I sit in the car waiting for my son I usually read but sometimes, I play with my Snapchat filters. I am loving this color hair.

November 6 - Lucky you! You get two days of Snapchat filtered Marias!

November 7 - I love this pic of my daughter with the scooter. She looks athletic which is something I never was.

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