Sunday, March 11, 2018

Photo Challenge March 1 - March 6

March 1 - Me and my friend Chris did a video review for a Fishing Gear Subscription Box. This is a nasty looking fishing worm thingy. You can see the rest of the video here.

March 2nd - I love the way my baby has been wearing her hair. Doesn't she look adorable?

March 3rd - Art work by my daughter Goddess. She has been taking some of her art from a few years ago and redoing it so she can see the progression of her talent.

March 4th - That lump under the comforter is Luna. Not sure if she was cold but she let me make the bed over her and took her damn sweet time getting out.

March 5th - They have redone a McDonald's near us and my son really wanted to see how it looked inside so he decided to treat us all to dinner with his allowance. Such a sweet gesture even it was only because he wanted to go

March 6th - I love her fashion sense. She is so blue! We were heading to a guitar lesson and she was so happy.

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