Saturday, February 04, 2017

Princess Josephine and The Rainbow Dragon by Kate Bodsworth and Stunning Illustrations by Brigid Marlin


Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon is a magical story for children about a princess who lives in a world filled with beautiful colors that suddenly disappear.  When Princess Josephine wakes up to a black and white world, she learns that a Dragon is eating all of the colors. Determined to bring color back to the world, Princess Josephine draws on her "Princess School" training and bravely sets out to defeat the Dragon.  Upon meeting the Dragon, she learns that he is eating the colors to survive and cleverly resolves the problem peacefully, bringing victory to both sides and restoring color for all. This beautifully illustrated hardcover book shares important lessons of courage, determination, and compassion. For children aged five and over.

The 411:

We start with the story of a little princess who lives in a technicolor world. The book goes into detail about color.

"The bedspread was red and gold like the setting sun". 

One day Princess Josephine wakes to find herself in a monochrome world. Apparently a dragon decided o eat all the colors in the land.

Josephine heads out on her own magical horse to get her kingdom's color back from the color sucking dragon.

While talking to the dragon she learns that if the dragon doesn't suck all the colors up he will turn grey and eventually become stone.

Josephine is no mere princess, she went to princess school and knows how to think through any situation and come up with a solution. Thankfully Josephine's solution benefits everyone and they all live of course, happily ever after.

Adorable story and the illustrations are some of the best. I wish I could rip them out of the book and frame them especially this one.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary book for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

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