Friday, February 17, 2017

Photo Friday - The Salt Caves

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Photo Friday

I have wanted to check out Salt Caves or salt therapy ever since I heard of it. Recently Groupon ran a special for Salt Breeze in Fairlawn New Jersey and I thought, why not?  It was only $14 for 45 minutes. When my friend said she and her mom wanted to go I was so excited.  Her mom's birthday was coming up so this was her birthday gift along with lunch.

Look at her mom. I should look this good to have three daughters and four grandchildren! Isn't she cute?

My friend's Mom.

The place was nice looking. Spa like with salt lamps everywhere that you could purchase. The receptionist/clerk or whatever title she holds gave us bags for our pocketbooks. Handed us booties as we were told to leave our shows upstairs. On our way to the cave she told us to grab a towel and brought us down to the Salt Cave.  We were instructed to not eat or drink and if others were to join us we were to put our phones away and refrain from speaking because many like to close their eyes and relax.  Fortunately we were alone because we spoke most of the time.

The floor of the room was covered in course salt and contained 6 gravity chairs. It was comfortable although I often wished that the heat lamps would come on just once. I ended up having to put my socks back on. It was cold. Thankfully we had a blanket. I found myself wishing it was comforter size. The lighting changed often. I loved when it was this pink as we all looked like Voldemort

No Nose or Voldemort

There are my toes all wrapped up because I was cold. There was a mist of powdery salty dust in the air and on our clothes. Our lips taste like dust and I am sure every part of my skin had a salty taste. Basically you are inhaling dry salt. It has been known to help detoxifying your respiratory system as well as assist in better breathing. Not only that it helps with skin conditions, allergies, hay fever, sinusitis infections and colds and other ailments. It is a holistic approach that has been used for over 100 years.

What we all thought:

We didn't feel as puffy.
It was relaxing although 45 minutes seemed long.
We would have loved to have the sound of the ocean playing or warming lamps every once in a while.
Tell us not to wear black next time. There was a white powder of salt all over our pants.
It definitely made us breathe better. I was coming off a cold and laryngitis and felt much better afterward.

A mini tour

Disclaimer: This IS NOT a promotional post. No monetary or any compensation was offered to post this  I just happened to be there and thought you would be interested.  The Salt Cave doesn't even know I am talking about them. was not called the Salt Cave

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  1. Well your visit to the Salt Caves sounded interesting. I don't think it would be something I would like to do after hearing how cold you were.


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