Monday, August 15, 2016

Good, Random And Fun

The Good - 50! Saturday I turned 50 years old. I can't believe I am 50. Time flies. My mom died at 34 years old. She was so young. At 35 I was officially older than her but wow 50. It's funny because at 12 I thought for sure I would follow the path of my mom. Cancer still scares me but I don't live every day feeling as if I don't stand a chance of seeing my kids grow up. My mom's parents are 98 and soon to be 99 and while I am not sure if that kind of longevity will be bestowed on me I hope to be here for a long time.

The Random - My husband works two jobs and in the morning of my birthday told me he wanted to head out to get me a card...he had thought my kids would have made one for me but I told him not to bother. Not that I didn't want one but the fact that he had to go get one and have them write in it with me knowing that was what they were doing kind of put a damper on it. When I showed my daughter all the lovely, sweet comments on my Facebook page she decided to do something for me on Facebook and it was as nice as any card they could have got me. My husband was impressed and said, "awww, she made this? really good job honey." My girl will take care of me when she is older. It is one of my favorite photos of her and I.

The Fun -I used an app called to turn me into this...whatever it is. My daughter hates it but I love the way it came out.   Same photo as above just with make-up overlay. I am digging the hair color. Need to look into that.

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  1. Happy birthday! You are rocking 50!
    Thanks for linking up.


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