Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summary of Freedom: by Jaycee Dugard | Includes Analysis

If you don't know who Jaycee Dugard is you have been living under a rock. I am in awe of Jaycee and cannot even fathom what she has been through and how she has managed to move on in her life since being kidnapped in 1991.

I read A Stolen Life, her first book, Freedom was written the same time and talk about all her "Firsts" Such as the first time she drove a car, cooked, shopped and other things that you and I learn along the way as we are growing up. That was taken from Jaycee by two despicable people who held her for 18 years.

My favorite part of the book is about Jaycee and her mother's relationship after an 18 year absence.

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