Monday, August 15, 2016

My Baby Dressed Up For My 50th Birthday

My daughter is almost my height which isn't tall.  I am only 4'11" but an increase of 6 inches this year has allowed her to do some clothing reviews for me. This blue and white dress came in this week and on Saturday for our birthday linner/dinner (lunch & dinner) reservations she came out of her room all dressed up. I was thrilled. It was the polar opposite of how my son was dressed which was perfect and representative of their personalities.

She is so cute! This is a woman's size small but since it is China sizes it fits her nicely.

I didn't think she would love it when we were first asked to review but it looks so much better in person...they have it in red too!


  1. Hi Maria, A very pretty girl in a pretty dress. You should be proud of your daughter. She is so thoughtful and wanted to make you happy on your 50th birthday. I hope you had a great birthday.

  2. Now that is a sweet and thoughtful daughter ... pretty, too! Happy Birthday to you and the blue dress is perfect for Blue Monday.

  3. First off Happy 50th!! Your daughter looks adorable in that gorgeous blue dress.

  4. She looks so pretty in that dress! Happy birthday again, I hope it was a great day, but by the looks of it, I'd say yes!!!


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