Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back To School Is Coming Too Soon

It is that time of the summer when the kids and I start discussing "back to school" things like supplies, teachers, friends, missing each other and how much we don't want school to start. I am with them on this, I also don't want school to start. Not a big fan of formal education and as someone who works in the school I see how much wasted time there is and how much we could get done if they were home schooled but since it is the way it is for now we need to talk about it.

My kids are going into 6th and 7th grade and both are attending the same middle school. My Handsome who is supposed to be in the 8th grade in actuality (I held him an extra year you can read about our IEP Meeting Decision and No Kindergarten post here. )

This year the kids and I didn't do much. It is the first year we didn't head to the beach every day in fact we have only been three times so far. We did get fortunate to play in friend's pools which is what we all prefer. We did see a movie, go to Hershey Park, visit my grandparents, celebrate my birthday at a hibachi restaurant but other than that it was quiet. I wish we did more things but money always seems to be the reason why. Hopefully one day that will be better but this year I am just happy to be with them because as they get older these days will be few and far between.

Enjoy every moment.

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