My 50th Birthday Mai Tai

Saturday I celebrated my 50th Birthday at Mt. Fuji - My kids have never had Hibachi but enjoyed it very much. I seriously enjoyed my one drink (to keep the bill from hitting $200. Why is this place so expensive?)

My daughter loved the little parasol in the glass which I gave to her after I was done with my drink. I remember being excited when my parents came home with parasols for me and my sisters after going out.

No other Yellow pics from this day except this one with some yellow on the building.

For more yellow pics visit Monday Mellow Yellow


jandi said...

happy birthday to you! I also loved those little umbrellas!

fee roberts said...

Happy birthday! I must say, you do not look 50!

Maria Gagliano said...

Thanks @Jandi my sisters and I used to take turns being the recipient of the parasol which my parents left on the table for us to find in the morning.

@Fee bless your heart. Thank you.

Gemma Wiseman said...

looks like a wonderful dining place. Those little parasols add a delightful touch of the exotic to the drink.

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