Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Worst and Best Wedding Anniversary Story

I've been married for over 18 years with my husband for 25 years. I love him with all my heart and while I was not looking to get married, always saw us together. He was my best friend. So, when he asked me to marry him I thought...we will be engaged for a LONG time but as showing off my engagement ring his mother asked when and he said, "next year." I was shocked! I loved him but next year? Did we really NEED to get married so soon?

Marrying him was easy. Not the wedding. I hadn't wanted any of that. My mother-in-law did. The reception was something I didn't want either. I wanted a BBQ at my grandparents house with some close friends and family.

Being married to him was easy too. I love and admire him. Having kids with him was easy too I love him and watched him with my pets knowing he would be a good dad.

Being in love is easy. He is my everything. He takes care of me and the kids. He works hard. I find him smart, funny and sexy but as my anniversary is coming around again I find myself wondering how long? How long until he doesn't love me enough to stay? I know at least 10 people going through marital issues right now and it hurts me.  Love and being in love is easy. It's life that gets in the way and last years anniversary wasn't so great actually it was the worst.  We were going through something and I didn't feel the love. We went out to dinner with the kids and as far as romance is concerned, I don't think there was any.

My favorite/best anniversary was my first. We ate the top of our wedding cake that had sat in the freezer for a year as tradition says.  We went to a Bed and Breakfast in Connecticut, ate a ton of seafood, walked, talked, held hands, made love, headed to Mystic Seaport and explored the ships. It was a wonderful time. I don't need much. I just need to be with him.

As I approach this years, I feel older, wiser, and know that marriage isn't a fairy tale. It is hard work, two very different people, living together, trying to see the best in each other, and praying that they can make it through another day.

A wiser woman explained it to me; Sometimes they are your lover, sometimes your friend, your father, your enemy, that guy, but if you love them, they will always be there for you. Sometimes all you can do is love them."

My anniversary wishes for this year would be renewing our vows with our children present, a romantic dinner and a night at a hotel where we remind each other why we married in the first place.

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  1. I hope your anniversary wishes come true. I don't know you personally outside of your blog, but you seem like such a kind lady, and that you deserve a great day :)


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