Thursday, September 24, 2015

Is It Ever Too Early To Teach A Baby To Read? #babysbrilliant

Perfect early reading books by Baby's Brilliant are perfect books to either read aloud to your babies or to teach early reading to.  Baby's Brilliant is a wonderful company that takes education and babies and combines it. Whether it is books, apps, videos, and more Baby's Brilliant has something for your baby to engage with and learn or experience.

Started by a busy mom of three who thought that toys had become too overstimulating she brought things back to basic with a simple approach.

The way education is as a whole these days, there is nothing like giving little ones an early start which is not only beneficial to them now but later as well.

Children are like sponges in the early years. They learn so much before Kindergarten and reading can be one of them. Giving them an early start enables them to learn even more as they enter school because they won't have to focus on learning the very basics of reading.

Babies and young children love books. I have countless pictures of my son holding books as a baby and toddler to know this. When he started school he could read the newspaper. This didn't mean he could explain what he had read to you but he knew the words he was reading and I believe this is because I always had books available, read to him all the time, pointed out words, had magnetic letters on the fridge, chalkboards on the deck, we always wrote and pointed to words and spent a lot of free time at the library.

Books open up a whole new world to kids and as a book lover myself I love these books by Baby's Brilliant.

All these were written by Benedict Coulter and Illustrated by Salva Ferrando. They feature colorful characters and easy to read pages that will have your child saying "again" as soon as you close the book.

Baby's Brilliant doesn't only feature books, there is also an app through iTunes.

Check out my video showing some of the books from Baby's Brilliant:

For more about the books, DVDs, or app visit Baby's Brilliant where you can also find download printables of some of the adorable characters in the books I mentioned in my video. LOVE IT! Get to sharing memorable moments with your babies that will have them learning and growing. You are their first teacher, instill the love of learning early.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary books for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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