Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My World Is Beautiful - September 2015

Here is a view from the boat of a lake in Orange County NY. It was a spectacular view with friends and my kids got to enjoy their very first boat ride. It was a perfect day weatherwise and the scariest part for me was watching my kids get off and on the boat.

The kids have swam in this lake many times. They loves seeing it from a totally different perspective.

While they begged to take their life vests off. I was too nervous. Yes, we were in a boat but accidents happen and the life vests were a must. I had mine on. Handsome has a death grip on that hand rail. I can't say I blame him. In my mind my kids were going to get swallowed up by the big bad lake. Too many nightmares to count made this mom nervous.

Goddess and I headed to the Sterling Forest Renaissance Faire like we have for the past two years. This was her third trip over and she loves it. We even spotted a dragon in one of the marshes. Such a beautiful place.

For our pop of color, here is a very thrilled Goddess in her first photo of the year at renfaire. 

Her glasses turn into sunglasses and while I love them, I never see her eyes in photos anymore.

So in this photo I asked her to remove them. She can't see anything but obliged. This is probably my favorite photo of the day.


  1. Hello, the boat ride looks like fun. And the two little ones are adorable. I like the views of the water and the dragon! Wonderful photos, enjoy your day!

  2. Great shots!
    Please stop by http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/09/steam-powered-whatchamacallits.html to see more great photos, and please share there!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Maria. Looks like time well spent. :-)

  4. Beautiful sky in the first image. Love the Dragon waiting waiting. Beautiful children.

  5. Yes, the scenery is beautiful as are your handsome son and beautiful daughter Maria... Michelle


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