Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sunday Stealing Random 20

1. Have you had an argument with anyone recently? If so, do you still have issues with that person? 
Oh gosh yes! We have argued until there is nothing left to argue about. Yes there are still issues and that will not change. Sometimes there people we love most are the ones that hurt us the worst.

2. Are you talking to anyone while filling this in? How about texting/chatting on Facebook? 
UGh yes! I cannot do anything without my daughter chirping to me. She is always talking and if I don't hear her for three minutes I check on her.

3. Have you done something recently that helped someone else, in any way? 
I think so! Over the past two week I have been fortunate enough to be able to help two families. It is a pay it forward though. I am fortunate and receive a lot of hand me downs from friends and recently a friend is fostering two adorable children and I was able to give her a huge garbage bag full of clothes and today I am delivering two garbage bags to another family who lost everything in a fire.

4. Who was the last person to pay you a compliment? 
It was at work. The person stated that I was a very balanced woman who is empathic, funny, rational and down to earth.

 5. Is there anything that’s happened in the past month, that you wish you could go back in time and change? 
Nah, I am fine with whatever has brought me here. Everything happens for a reason and I am fine with where I am. Stronger and ready for anything.

 6. What colour is your purse/wallet? 
My purse is a multicolored bag that everyone says reminds them of the Partridge Family bus.

 7. What’s the closest item to you that’s black? 
A baseball cap that I will probably never wear because it has an egg on it. Why would I want to wear this. Maybe I can add a smiley face to it and make it wearable.

 8. Think about what you looked like 5 years ago. How did you look different, compared to the way you look now? 
I was thinner, younger and happier. My kids were younger and I loved being with them. Now I am tired, coloring my hair more and wearing less jewelry.

 9. Before Facebook became popular, did you use any other social networking site, like Bebo or Myspace? I did use Myspace but not often. Just checked it every once in a while.  

10. Has someone of the opposite sex ever sung to you? If so, how did you respond to it? I have had two people sing to me. One was a guy when I was in my teens. He was a friend of friends and I wasn't attracted to him but he was so nice. I remember feeling really uncomfortable. After that I went to see a friend perform and it was fun because there was nothing between us. He didn't like me and I didn't like him. We were co-workers and he sang every weekend at a club.  

11. When did you last hug someone of the opposite sex? 
I hug my husband daily. Before that, ummm...oh I think it was the brother of my friend Madelaine. He and his wife invited us over to their house. When we were leaving I hugged them both goodbye. They were really sweet and nice to my kids and I.

12. Have you ever seen the film “Casablanca”? Did you like it? 
I have never seen the movie in it's entirety.
13. Do you have a relative whose name begins with ‘L’? Tell me about him/her. 
Yes, my sister Lori. We don't speak and I honestly can't remember the time I spoke to her.
14. Are you a secretive person? 
No I am not. I love talking and believe in sharing. It is good for the soul and brings you closer to others.
15. When did you last eat? 
I ate two hours ago. Soft boiled eggs on English. It was delish.
16. If you were going to buy a present for a special person, what would you generally choose? 
Ugh...I am a horrible gift giver. I don't know what to get anyone and never have money available to spend on them which makes it even harder.
17. If I’m going to buy you a box of chocolates, which kind should I definitely NOT get? 
I would buy Swiss chocolate truffles. I love Lindt!

18. Is there something you generally always ask for help with? 
I do, usually it is reaching something I can't reach.
19. If you had to give up your phone or your computer, which would it be? 
I could give up my phone easily. I see my friends when I need to and can talk to them in person.  

20. Has anyone called you gorgeous/beautiful today?No! Those days are over.


  1. Too funny that your purse reminds you of the Partridge Family bus. Those were some cool colors.

  2. Swiss Chocolate Truffles sound divine!!!!


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