Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Mother's Quest Is To Do Her Best

If you are not a Mother you don't understand how hard life can be sometimes. No matter what you are going through you have to keep going. There is no time to stop because there are others who count on you to make their day. Whether it is to make their meals or just to be the smile they see when they wake or that reassuring face they see before bed, you know they NEED and count on you so YOU MOVE.

Maybe to some my day doesn't seem busy, or meaningful. Maybe to some my day seems full of nonsense that doesn't contribute to humanity or to the financial pool of life in a way that they believe it should, but to those I say; I don't judge you! Stop judging me!

Every day moms/dads/caretakers (whatever, I know there are a ton of folks doing this too) wake, smile, start their day with getting others ready to start their day and think about those others all through the day while attending to the things they need to get done.  

Here's a look into my typical day:

  • Get up
  • Say good morning to my son who is either waking or already awake
  • Check my daughter and make sure she is covered because it is only 4:45 and neither kid NEEDS to be up.
  • Look at the news for the weather of the day while drinking a half cup of coffee.
  • Say good-bye to my husband
  • Start breakfast for my son
  • Turn on my computer and check email and see if there are blog comments that need to be moderated.
  • Go to Facebook and see what is going on with friends.
  • Turn on Hootsuite and set up a bunch of stuff to run during the day while I am out
  • Start the process of waking my daughter which can take 20 mins to 2 hours
  • Post something to my blog
  • Get out her clothes and make her lunch
  • Wash, get dressed and brush my hair
  • Go back to my daughter and see if she is getting up (usually not)
  • Make sure my bag and the kids backpacks are packed
  • Dress my daughter who at this point usually has only 35 minutes before we walk out the door
  • Make my daughter breakfast
  • Brush my teeth and remind the kids to brush theirs (my son has always already done it)
  • Depending on temp (start car)
  • Brush my daughter's hair 
  • Head to car
  • Drive the kids to school (my son goes in but my daughter waits until the last minute)
  • Head to the gym for an hour
  • Get on the phone with a friend
  • Get back home and jump in shower
  • Get dressed for work
  • Throw clothes in the wash
  • Eat
  • Check email
  • Throw clothes in the dryer
  • Write something for my blog
  • Run out the door for work
  • Do my 3 hours as a lunch/recess aid
  • Wait 1/2 hour for the kids to get out of school
  • Arrive home and get snacks
  • Homework which can take 1 to 2 hours
  • Make dinner
  • Check email
  • Read with my daughter
  • Clean dishes
  • Write something for my blog
  • Give up my computer for the kids to do a math website while I put clothes away
  • Enter giveaways, advertise giveaways, post to Hootsuite
  • Edit some photos
  • Put kids to bed
  • Check email
  • Watch something on Netflix or read
  • Go to bed and say a prayer for strength, peace, and good wishes for others. Sometimes have a good cry
  • Fall asleep wake up when you hear the door open
  • Say hello to my husband 
  • Go back to sleep until the alarm or kid wakes me before doing it all over again
Now if you are in a great mindset where life is going well, this would just be tiring, overwhelming, monotonous even but throw in some heartbreak, drama, medical issues, life stress (like bills and money), day to day crap and you have a stressed out mom BUT...a mom who will still smile in the morning at their children's tired faces and ask what they want for breakfast just to do it all over again. 

Moms bend but don't break. I hope to always be that mom. Kudos to all the moms who smile regardless of what is going on in their life! Your rock GIRL!

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