Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blasts From The Past - Auntie Em? Toto?

This post was from April 27, 2007 on another of my random blogs. Blogs are great because without them I would have forgotten all about this day and did until I just re-read it.

Where the hell was my Toto the other day? It went down like this….
I was on my deck,  pushing the kids on the swing when my 7 ft high picnic table umbrella took air, went about 8 feet up in the air and landed in my back yard stuck between two trees and lying open in my creek.  I went to turn toward the kids to say “Did you see that?” when SMACK I was struck in the face by this umbrella

It was so fast and hard that felt like Tyson sucker punched me in the face. I wasn’t even sure what had happened at first. I crouched, grabbing my eye and waiting to see if I was OK. I honestly wasn’t sure. I got an instant migraine and my vision was blurry and double. I think the impact moved my contact because after about 40 minutes my vision was back to my normal which pretty much sucks to begin with it. I crouched there for about 5 minutes waiting for the pain and confusion to go away. My son had gotten off the swing and was hugging my legs. I wasn’t sure if there was damage to my eye so my first instinct was to dial my eye doc whose number I know by heart. Letting it ring once, I hung up and decided to first go check my eye in a mirror before I freaked out. The umbrella has a pointy end that sticks in the ground to anchor it and that is what hit my and cut my eye. It cut me just in the very corner right before my eyeball.

I stumbled to the freezer and got our Bob the Builder ice pack and sat down to take care of myself hoping that the kids would just sit for a moment so that I could assess what had happened.  I fortunately only ended up with a migraine, a bruise that is right where I put my eye liner and pain from my eyebrown line, around the outer part of my eye socket, my upper check, a broken blood vessel at the top of my eye over my upper lashes and a migraine that lasted for a couple of hours.

This was one of those things that makes you remember how fast things can happen. You can take all the precautions possible and some crazy, not meant to possibly happen thing could just take you out.
There are so many other scenarios that could have played out that day. The umbrella could have hit one of the kids but it didn’t it sped by them headed straight for me. It could have hit me in the eye ball which would have really sucked. It could have hit me with the point in the back of the head, the temple, the heart…etc.

The freakiest thing…both umbrellas taking air and flying through the air on a relatively beautiful, non windy day. Weird!

It just goes to show you never know how much time you have…live each day as if it were your last! Regret nothing. Love deeply and always tell everyone how you feel about them.

BTW…I wonder what scenario forensics would have come up with if there had been a tragic end.

They would never have been able to figure it out. Uhhhh we think the kids got pissed and together beat/poked her with the 7ft umbrella, tossed it off the deck and then hit her again with the little umbrella.  

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