Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Things We Learned About Blurting Out #socialskills #speakingout

My Handsome takes a Social Skills class during the Summer. This is not his first and I think it should be offered to every kid in school. It couldn't hurt right?

Here is what we learned this week:

His teachers told the class that Blurting Out or Interrupting is like when you see a volcano about to erupt. Your are not going to spew lava but words instead! She said when an idea slides down your brain it wants very badly to make its way out of your mouth. She told them as the words push against their teeth they should remind themselves to take turns and that only one person should be talking at a time!

When you are interrupting you feel:
Afraid that you will forget your thought or idea. This is try for my son. He needs to get it out or he feels he won't remember what he wants to see. He is easily distracted and reminding him that he doesn't like it doesn't work.

Worried that he won't get his turn to talk.

When you interrupt the speaker feels:
Made that someone took his turn away from him.
Upset that he may not get to finish what he was saying.

You would think this would be easy for my son as he HATES and says so when someone interrupts him while he is speaking.

If someone is listening they feel:
That the person who interrupted or blurted out is rude.
Upset that they didn't get to hear the speaker finish what they were saying.

He also learned that there is a difference between interrupting and blurting out.

Interrupting is:
When you are usually in a small group
Talking when others are already talking

Blurting Out is:
When you are usually in a large group
Talking without raising your hand

The class also learned that there is a way to control blurting out or interrupting:

2. Take a deep breath. Silent please. Don't huff. Breathe your words out to temporarily get rid of them.
3. Wait for your turn. Imagine your words in a little word bubble above your head.
4. Take a deep breath and imagine sucking your words back into your mouth

Easy peasy!

Something many people I know can benefit from.

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  1. I can't stand watching shows like "The View" because of all the blurting out and talking over one another that goes on. They should take some classes like Handsome's!


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