Friday, August 22, 2014

Looking For A Great Chick Flick That Even Your Man Will Love? Look No Further. I've Got Your Back #OtherWomanMovie


The 411 by Maria: 
I am a chick flick fan and a huge fan of Leslie Mann. She, like Paul Rudd who she starred with in So This Is 40 and you can see that review here have that likability factor. She has been in some of my favorite chick flicks to date.

In The Other Woman which reminded me lightly of The First Wives Club. This movie is billed with Carmen as the lead and the story revolving around her character but I didn't see that so I am going to write this review about Kate (Mann) the wife who finds out her husband Mark Nikolaj Coster-Waldauis (from Game of Thrones) cheating on her with Carly (Diaz).

Not only is Mark the snake cheating on his wife with Diaz but he has quite a few relationships going. He has it that way I guess.  Carly who for reasons unbeknownst to me gets belligerent with Kate who is obviously upset that her husband was cheating on her. Kate keeps showing up asking questions and trying to find out why, when, where which by the way was funny and repulsive at the same time. I wouldn't want to know that every place I go to sit at my husband's girlfriend's house is somewhere they had sex. Gross.  Anyway....together the ladies set out to sock it to Mark and when they meet one of his sexy conquests Amber (Kate Upton), the three set out to make his life a living hell and make him pay.

I love the friendship that blossoms between the three ladies, I love how Kate finds herself and has a great time doing it and I loved Taylor Kinney as Kate's brother. HOT!

This is a great movie to watch with girlfriends or alone. There are some very funny lines and while it isn't cinematic greatness it is a feel good movie and Leslie Mann shines.

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