Monday, August 25, 2014

My Boy Practices Balancing And Shows The World He Can

OK maybe not the world but he showed his mom and anyone who happened to be at the beach that day.

Handsome has been in Physical Therapy before and is still in Occupational Therapy for fine motor skills and low muscle ton.

He is like a ton of bricks and at times seems like he has no spine at all the way he falls.  I am surprised he hasn't (knock on wood) broken anything.

This past Friday a friend came to my beach with her son who happened to bring around a really cool, blue raft. Handsome saw her son get up on the raft and decided to try. Let me tell, you it was hard to watch at first but about ten minutes later he was standing like a pro and spent the next two hours getting up there and I wish I had a paddle for him to practice paddle boarding.

He never gave up and in the end it was so worth it.

My heart is so damn proud of him.

That's my boy!!!!


  1. You have every right to be proud of this fine fellow enjoying a blue raft.

  2. Looks like fun! Happy Blue Monday and thanks for visiting.

  3. Hi Maria,

    He's surely an athlete! I like that he's on a blue board. Isn’t it fun finding blue?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  4. I'm glad he didn't give up! Looks like you got a fighter, I hope he keeps doing good.

  5. A shout out to your Handsome! Whoo-hoo! No doubt, he must've felt on top of the world the moment he stood up for the first time in the blue raft.

  6. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Fantastic :-) My goddaughter has aspergers so has had a lot of occupational therapy too. The trampoline really helped her a lot! It's so great when they achieve something new by themselves :-)

  7. What a pretty raft. It's so encouraging when kids try and not give up. My son spent hundreds of hours in occupational therapy too. (PDD)


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