Saturday, August 30, 2014

Goddess Gets Her Cast OFF!

It wasn't terrible. It was just blah....
Goddess has had that cast one for most of her Summer.
Thursday was the day. It was coming off and boy were we happy.

She wasn't brave enough to look when they cut the cast off.
She wasn't brave enough to say no when they asked if she wanted to keep the cast.
She was brave enough to enter the x-ray room without even looking back at us.
She was brave enough to ask the doctor if it would hurt when he removed the pin to which he replied "no honey."
She wasn't brave enough to look when he put a special tool on the pin and twist and pull it out. little girl was so brave. She did cry out ouch and cry for a little while but she did way better then I could even imagine.

The cast is off, the skin looks terrible from being wrapped so long. The nail looks terrible. She is unable to move it but will be starting therapy soon.

For now her tears are gone and her mommy is so proud of how well she did.

AND she is still smiling

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